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Fine, limp, dead-beat … To add volume to your hair, spare no effort to take care of your hair. You have to have the right tools under your sleeve and one of them the a hair dryer for fine hair

Wash your hair with cool water

30 ° C water reduces static electricity, which tends to flatten the hair. Opt for a volumizing shampoo (especially not a "2 in 1" formula), preferably without silicone. These molecules have a tendency to make weigh down the hair by forming a sheath which is difficult to get rid of when washing. The cleansing base should be soft and able to be used as often as desired. Finish with an invigorating rinse with cool water to make your hair shinier.

Extra tip: Wash your hair at night and go to bed without drying it. In the morning, they will tend to have more body             

Limit hair care

Stay away from conditioners as they tend to weigh down the hair. If your hair tangles easily, after having been drained, spray a detangling spray without rinsing. If it is rather dry, try using a hair mask before shampooing so as not to weigh it down. The excess product is removed after washing. Or apply a dollop of hair cream only on the tips before rinsing.

Extra tip: If your hair is flat, have a beer –based rinse, mixing a cup with three cups of water. Rinse with clear water

Use a hair dryer less

Often fragile, fine hair is vulnerable to hot air as it dries it and makes it brittle. After shampoo, towel-dry your hair. Then scrunch with your fingers and let it dry in the open air for ten minutes. If you cannot do otherwise, blow-dry your hair upside down, lifting the roots with your fingertips. Do not pull with the brush, because the more you straighten your hair, the finer it becomes.

Extra tip: Opt for an ionic hair dryer. Hair dryers featuring the ionic technology do not require much heat and thus dry the hair gently. Conventional models dry hair faster harming the hair. 

Set it into place

After scrunching your roots, wrap the strands around the rollers (six in all), and dry gently. Then spray a cloud of hairspray to fix (this also eliminates frizz). If your hair is very short, you can give it more body with styling clay-based paste.

Extra tip: If you do not have time to wash your hair but it is dirty and without volume, use a spray dry. In a few sprays (careful, so do not vaporize too much!), this type of product cleanses the hair and gives it more body.

Brush it but not too much


The morning, with a bristle brush or a not too hard boar-bristle brush, comb your hair in all directions for two minutes. This little stimulating "massage" gives fine hair more life. Forget combs for fear volume disappears very quickly.

Extra tip: Avoid touching your hair with your fingers. The more you touch it, the less volume it keeps.

Take nutritional supplements 

A hair capsules can boost growth of your hair and also its diameter, provided you keep on the treatment for at least three months. These capsules contain nutrients like vitamins B and E, selenium, zinc, amino acids to nourish and protect the hair fiber. And when the microcirculation in the scalp has improved, nutrient assimilation is best done in the bulbs. Better fed at the root, the hair is denser, more resistant and has a longer life cycle.

Extra tip: Eat wheat germ, it’s rich in B vitamins. 

Protect it from rain and stress

Rain and hats are known to flatten hair. Stress, responsible for occasional hair fall, but by doing a relaxing activity like yoga, it can be reduced.  Also limit contact with chlorinated swimming pool water because it weakens fine hair. Wash it right after the last dive.

Finally, adopt the pear tree position as much as possible, it creates a blood flow which improves the local microcirculation, so the hair growth is enhanced.  

Extra tip: A good habit to get into if your hair lacks panache: a massage with tonifying, energizing and soothing essentials oils (bay leaf, ylang-ylang, clary sage, Atlas cedar) that oxygenate and fortify the scalp. 

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